Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4 Real World Examples: How Content Marketing Should Be

Since nearly every company has (or should have) some kind of online presence, content and social internet marketing strategies must be sharp in order to help a company to really stand out. For every social media misstep (such since the team from Amy’s Baking Company that began cursing out clients upon Facebook) there are a variety of shining examples of what social networking and content marketing should be. Here are some of the greatest of the best:

Examples #1: Kraft

Kraft was ahead of the game when it comes to content marketing. They launched kraftfoods. com well before many other companies even had websites. Now, each uses the platform to supply users with food-related articles, recipes, along with a community where foodies can converge. The site is becoming more than just a promotional tool for your brand; people often turn to the site for facts and entertainment.

Examples #2: General Electric

This business relies on content marketing to get the 132-year history from the business out to consumers. They have got created Ecomagination, that is a forum that promotes a dialogue about clean technology and sustainable facilities. System is run exactly like any successful magazine or website, and includes a managing editor and an editorial staff comprised of a number of reputable writers and journalists. Their goal would be to create content that users want to share with loved ones and friends.

Examples #3: Zappos

Zappos offers long-since been a formidable presence with regards to content marketing and social media. The rand name has a very distinct voice, and depends on humor and conversational tones to provide advice about the company. Witty posts and tweets are what keep Online users coming back for more. They at Zappos remains committed to interactions using their audience, and is focused on providing sufficient content to maintain this group engaged without overwhelming them completely.

Examples #4: Chobani

Whether or not you’re a fan of the country’s #1 model of Greek yogurt or not, you’ll wish to consider note of how the organization is harnessing social networking to leverage its impact on the forex market. The Chobani Facebook page is full of a combination of recipes, answers to customer questions, eye-catching pictures, as well as product promotions. The business’s Twitter account is simply as impressive, as the brand makes an effort to reply to every consumer question or comment which they receive. Chobani also leverages influencers to increase its reach. For example, they email well-known bloggers, thus getting them enthusiastic about the product.

Though these brands originate from a variety of different industries, they share numerous traits that make their content and social internet marketing a success. Namely they all put a runner voice behind their products, thus making a conversation between two people instead of between a robot along with a consumer. They also provide compelling content that users wish to read and watch, rather than simply splattering their platforms with ads and shameless plugs for your products. This conversational approach is part of why is users excited to engage with the companies, in person and online.

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