Sunday, July 21, 2013

SEO Writer Must Have to Update their Writing to Post-Penguin 2.0 for 3 Major Reasons

Should you be an online writer, especially if you focus on providing SEO content, you are no doubt which Google’s latest algorithm update (Penguin second . 0) went into impact on May 22 (2013). And in my estimation, it brought about probably the most drastic changes as it pertains to web writing since search engine optimization writing became a popular choice (and necessary).

In case you freelance and haven’t “Penguin-proofed” your web writing samples, following are three reasons to do this.

Reasons #1: It Lets Clients Realize that You Know Your Things

Your writing samples illustrate not just your ability(ies) with the written word, however your knowledge of how you can write search engine-optimized copy. Whenever you’re still sending out samples which contain an overuse of a certain keyword phrase, like then potential clients might deduce that the knowledge base beyond date.

Reasons #1: It Forces You to Stay Up to Date on What’s New Searching

Being an SEO writer, it’s critical that you stay updated on what major search engines like google, particularly Google, are doing. It’s portion of being a PROFESSIONAL content provider. Your clients depend on you for this.

Part of the reason you need to update your writing samples is it will force you to definitely check Google’s algorithm changes regularly.

Probably the most common complaints I listen to aspiring freelance web writers is the fact that SEO is “hard” because Google is definitely changing its guidelines. While it could be frustrating to stay abreast of what “The Big G” does, it’s not hard. And once you discover the foundational rules from the game, writing for SEO is actually kinda simple for me.

Google doesn’t want you gaming the device, so they change things up to stay in front of spammers and those who use blackhat tactics. However the basics remain exactly the same, ie, produce quality, usable content that other people wish to share – all the while adhering to some fundamental rules like doing keyword research to assist you write content which can be easily found and indexed by search engines like google.

Reasons #3: It Keeps Your Writing Collection Refreshing

You can rewrite existing samples to create them into compliance with current SEO guidelines, you might as well create new ones, which many freelancers do. This particular keeps your samples fresh or more to date.

A side advantage of this is, as time goes on and you also gain more experience, additionally, it illustrates the breadth and depth of the writing ability.

Perhaps you have Updated Your SEO Writing Samples?

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