Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why Coca Cola's "Share a Coke with.." Campaign is A Genius Content Marketing

Chances are, you’re probably sick and tired of the seemingly constant images of name-adorned Coca-Cola bottles being submitted to various social networks. Annoying as this continues to be, though, the campaign really represented a stroke associated with content genius by Coca-Cola.

The ‘Share the Coke with…’ campaign lit up Britain like none other has been able to recently. Why? Well, you will find three distinct reasons.

Reasons #1: It’s Personal

Look at it this way – who doesn't love something using their name on? It brings about our Why Coca Cola’s that excitement of knowing something’s been developed only for you. For Coke to associate itself with this magical feeling is such an ingenious move. Personalized content is the big thing at this time – 78% of consumers feel like brands that creates personalized content are more interested in creating a relationship with them.

A newly released survey even found that half of Britain’s social networking users would share personal information to be able to receive personalized content – that’s how important it really is. They don’t want to waste their time intensive content that means not them. Coke realized this and went within the complete opposite direction –how much more personal are you able to get than having your name on the product?!

Reasons #2: Convergence of Physical and Digital Content Material

As Ben Redford mentioned in the recent Content Marketing Show, there’s a rising trend sought after for physical, user-generated content that converges using the digital world. Coke has succeeded in making a dynamic partnership between offline and online content, providing dual the satisfaction for consumers. They not only have a personalized, physical product they are able to hold in their hands, but in reality feel fulfilled after sharing it among their social networks. Plus, a newly released paper from writers Zoey Chen and Jonah A. Patre says “self-enhancement goals influence what people talk about” – quite simply, if people feel sharing a certain article can make them appear brighter or ‘cooler’, they might be more likely to do this. Coke really has proven this to become true.

Reasons #3: Everyone is Able to Relate to this

Unlike some advertising or content campaigns, everybody – no matter their social standing – can connect with the ‘Share a Coke with…’ campaign. It doesn't leave out; actually by its very nature, it brings people with each other. Idealistic, perhaps, however it works!

Overall, these might seem like simple reasons – but frequently , simple marketing is the best! Considering that traffic to Coke’s Facebook page has exploded by 870% since the campaign launch, it is now the 23rd most-talked-about Facebook page on the planet which Coke has earned over 18 million social networking impressions, simple does indeed seem best.

P. S. All of us couldn’t write your blog without giving a Share a Coke shout-out for some of our own fabulous employees (and the MD, of course…)

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