Sunday, August 18, 2013

3 Bad Content Marketing Habits that Caused by SEO Obsession

High rankings in Google and the other search engines is definitely an inherently good thing. The problem is when company owners become fixated on the results, forcing unacceptable:

Bad Habits #1: Keyword Obsession

This is actually the number one sin of these over-reliant on SEO. It’s like a lamp goes off in every business owner’s head at some time or another. The thought goes this type of thing: “You mean, I can rank number 1 on Google, and all I must do is make use of the same keyword 50 times within a 400 word document? ” Well, maybe. If you undertake, you most likely won’t get many sales from copy that looks therefore trashy. In case you don’t you’ll have that same trashy copy, and will not have even met aims. Trying to outsmart Google is generally a bad idea that will make anyone looks silly.

Bad Habits #2: Short Siting Aims

The SEO Gods have taught us that this good search is “Your Industry, Town, Condition. ” For instance “marketing writer, Chicago, IL” or “Plumber, Eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin. ” It is really an important search, an excellent it’s where you’re stocking all of your marbles, you’re not looking at the entire picture.

The same guy who’s searching for a plumber in Green Bay can also be Googling how to unclog a sink. In case you give him the practical information he’s looking for by using a blog, you’re soon on your way establishing trust and making a real relationship. It can seem counter-intuitive to provide information away at times. Get it done anyway. The reader may get frustrated using the process and who do you consider they’ll call? If they don’t demand this, they may call for the next matter.

Bad Habits #3: Really Crappy Writing

We've heard which content is absolutely necessary, and that search engines are after content, right? This does not mean giving us choppy, repetitive copy that’s without any all pronouns. No. You have to remember your audience, and keep in your mind that it’s people who will be buying your stuff. So tell a great story and provide valuable information. Whenever you write things that people will worry about, you’ll attract more business.

That which bad habits do you see? Allow me to know in the comments below.

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