Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Many Shares & Likes Will Do the Job

Most of us have seen them on Facebook and many people have actually tried our luck by “liking and sharing” all of them. Okay, since we have been being honest here, We have even done it. Who wouldn't wish to win a free visit to the Bahamas or tickets to the Super Bowl simply by clicking so on and/or Share button? What harm can it because of like a page or a photo after which share them so all our Facebook friends can perform exactly the same?

Theoretically, liking and sharing a website or photo will not cause you harm. However, these kinds of promotions have been in direct violation of Facebook’s Page Regulations. The continued utilization of them by Facebook pages can and will lead to that page being shut down. There goes all of the hard work put in to develop a loyal following and strengthening the social engagement within the page.

We are not speaking about a lot of money either. There are several approved Facebook contest apps that cost less than $4 per month to run contests on all of your business pages. Honestly, I do not still find it concerning the money.

Unfortunately, a lot of business page administrators are so focused on accumulating the number of page followers, that they your investment true reason why they should be using Facebook like a social media marketing tool.

Tips #1: It is to be Social 

It is more your followers getting to know you and for you to definitely get to know them. The more you connect to them, the greater exposure and reach your page gets on Facebook. Your own followers’ friends will discover their interaction with you on the news feeds. Johnny’s friends should to know what Johnny is speaking about on your page.

Tips #2: It Really is about the Media

It really is proven that images and video extends a page’s reach compared to mere words. There are lots of ways to use images towards your message across. And when someone comments onto it, don’t forget to react to the comment.

Tips #3: Finally, it Really is about Marketing

Promoting a brand-name  product or cause is more than asking individuals to either buy or donate. It really is about educating the public with regards to your brand, product or cause. It is intended as the soft sell method of advertising.

All it will take is one local commercial enterprise page being shut down by Facebook for everybody else to sit straight up and listen. Until then, basically can’t beat them, I may has well join them… so for each share, like and comment this post gets, everybody will certainly win….. POOF!!!!!

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