Friday, August 23, 2013

What is Edge Rank?

Edge Rank is definitely an algorithm that determines the order of posts seen on the user’s Facebook news feed. It sifts out actually considers probably the most relevant information, so news feeds aren't messy.

Consumers take advantage of more interesting and engaging posts. Businesses, however, realize their fan base is not really seeing everything it posts. Actually only 16 percent of the posts through the brand’s page actually reach its fans, but a little specific actions can reach them more.

The Actual Formula

First, let’s take a look at the way the algorithm works. The algorithm seems complex in nature whenever you look at it, but it’s basically the sum of the activity that happens on Facebook for example updates, comments, likes and shares. Each action, or edge, is assigned its very own affinity, weight and time decay.

The actual affinity indicates how close a viewer would be to the creator from the Facebook content. The metric assesses your interaction with articles. Each activity possesses its own weight, so the metric discusses what’s uploaded and the increase or loss of it. For instance commenting much more involved activity and is considered more valuable than the usual “like” consequently. Last, each edge features a time decay. As the edge or activity ages its time decay decreases in value; its reach is much less.

Not too long ago, 3rd party application developers, for example Hubspot and Hootsuite, have had some difficulties with Facebook Edge Rank Checker. Some claimed that they’ve already been penalized simply because they got fewer likes compared to manually putting in the information on the Facebook site. Facebook examined the claims and announced that every the bugs were fixed. The founder from the Edge Rank Checker, Chad Wittman suggests in B2B the key reason why some third party developers received low engagement is really because they generated too much content and some from it wasn't engaging. Yet, some experts advise not really overusing the 3rd party applications on the Facebook platform and updating upon Facebook.

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