Saturday, August 10, 2013

When Social Media Community Collide to Each Other

Much continues to be written about business branding on social media; particularly on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Still the so-called community pages seem to happen to be left by themselves to evolve.

Before I continue with this particular post, I ought to offer some full disclosure. I, myself, presently manage 1 business page, 1 super star page and 3 separate community pages on Facebook; combined with the page associated with this blog. Since I have gotten that taken care of, I can carry on my rant.

Sometimes, you will discover duplicate pages and accounts promoting whether cause, place, belief or super star. My pet peeve for the purpose of here is info the multitude of pages you find promoting a location; more specifically a town or town.

Facebook pages designed to promote an area’s businesses and events are often done so with perfect intentions. Unfortunately, as they develop followers and as other pages are created a sense competition for all those followers starts to emerge. Page administrators often forget the reason they created the page to begin with. Original posts start to undertake a more altruistic feel. A more “we vs. them” look. Some even use promotions which violate Facebook’s own regulations for pages (for deep into that, click here).

Now, numerous may attempt to argue that the more community pages you will find promoting a region and its events, the greater. That may be true in certain respect; tend to be those managing the pages truly in tune using the true reason their followers “liked” them to begin with? Has this duplicity simply turn into a competition of which page has more likes over anything else?

I have also been from the belief that it is not the amount of followers a page has however the overall reach of the posts designed to the page. I am probably not within the majority on this one. However, We have seen firsthand how pages having a 1,000+ followers never have been as effective in reaching the potential audience as those with much less. We have also seen how flooding your followers’ news feeds with large number of posts and shares can backfire on the page’s effectiveness. The optimal one, two or possibly three targeted posts a day are much more effective than the 100's of posts, all day long, every day.

To become a true Facebook page “manager”, “administrator” or “owner”, you will need to familiarize yourself with all that the task entails. It takes much more than simply striking the “share” button. You really need to understand what is expected of you from not just your followers but from Facebook itself. Adopting the rules set out for pages is really a start. Educating yourself on how to see the Facebook insight reports is just as important; or even more so. They are provided like a tool to help you do your job better and much more effectively. There is a snapshot of what posts are working and aren't in real time. Use these numbers to your benefit. Ignoring them is really a recipe for disaster.

Finally, to any or all those duplicate pages out there promoting exactly the same thing; keep in mind that it is far from a competition. I welcome any ideas on this subject; positive or negative. Basically am off-base on this, please allow me to know.

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