Sunday, September 22, 2013

Content Marketing VS SEO

Recently, I’ve written many posts about how exactly creating effective content is a great way to boost the traffic on a website and boost sales. Still as content marketing becomes very popular among web marketers, there appears to be some confusion about whether or not SEO could be ignored with a good content marketing strategy. I needed to take the time to add my opinion within the matter and maybe clarify any misconceptions.

There seems to be a growing contingent who believe that Content Advertising SEO may be like the Lannisters and Starks from Game of Thrones—two rival sides which force individuals to choose one or the other. Fortunately, which is completely untrue; it is not just choosing one or the other. Each goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

Regardless of how popular content marketing becomes, because of the way the two concepts intertwine, SEO is not really going away. SEO and content marketing are simply the same thing. A good content marketing plan requires most of the same concepts and practices that are associated with SEO. In fact, you could declare content marketing really is SEO.

When fashioning any sort of marketing piece, be sure to maintain the SEO practices in mind. Having this content get high ranking in search results will help bring in potential customers along with any efforts you make internally to market the information.

Think about it, exactly how effective/relevant is the content if the potential audience isn’t seeing it? This is where SEO makes the picture. The most obvious example of this really is with keywords. The keywords utilized in content marketing are essential to both the target audience and to search engines like Google. Remember this when you’re putting together blogs, videos, reviews or any other kind of content designed for your customers. All these pieces possess some sort of text associated with them. Are the appropriate keywords in the title and any description from the content. A nice trick would be to insert some links pointing at the website. High-quality websites like YouTube along with other industry-focused websites will help improve the search rankings of the website.

In order for a content marketing strategy to be successful, it should contain a few of the same basic principles of SEO. Such as the appropriate keywords and backlinks ensure that these two essential areas of an online marketing campaign will help make a website to its highest potential.

Perhaps you have integrated content marketing into your SEO plan? Inform us in the comments section below.

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