Tuesday, October 15, 2013

18 Tips: How to Optimize Your Pinterest Images to Improve SEO

Pinterest is ideal for businesses with small marketing budgets, and you may improve SEO and drive traffic by optimizing your pictures.

The image-based social networking site is an online bulletin board that allows you to gather and share images by “pinning” these to virtual boards. It has been among the fastest-growing consumer Web properties — based on comScore, it ranked 28th among U. S. Online users in January, with about 30 million unique site visitors.

Pinterest users save money money, shop more frequently, and purchase items more regularly and in larger quantities than users on any other social networking. If you believe that Pinterest is a viable social internet marketing platform for your business and your initial attempt for using this hasn’t yielded the positive results you were searching for, it’s time to optimize your presence - beginning with the images you post.

Your Own Pinterest Image Optimization

Here are 18 great advice on growing your brand with Pinterest marketing through image optimization, presented by PinnableBusiness. com.

  • File names become your picture titles, so name them accordingly. Names with a lot of letters and numbers won’t rank too.
  • Pin from a number of different sources, not just from your website. Re-pinning, liking, and commenting all be involved in where your image will be.
  • Pinning gives you the best chance to go viral. Uploading is okay, however, not as beneficial.
  • After you upload a picture, you should edit your pin to add a hyperlink. Pinterest doesn’t automatically add any links to uploaded hooks, so it’s vital that you do this to drive traffic.
  • Pinterest descriptions could be as much as 500 characters, but longer ones annoy many users. Make use of a short caption that incorporates major keywords, and add more information in the pin’s comment section.
  • Research Pinterest to find out what catches your eye and compels you to build relationships an image, and try to replicate that feeling with your personal images. More engagement results in more followers, and much more followers equals more power.
  • Remember that Pinterest is really a social media platform, no advertising platform. Comment, like, and repin some other people’s images.
  • Develop a variety of different boards and make sure the titles from the boards are keyword-rich. A board named “Stuff I love to Do” isn’t as effective as “Birdwatching in Seattle”.
  • Include the “Follow” and “Pin It” buttons to your site. The key to social media is empowering individuals to share your content.
  • Raise self-esteem and express your character and that of the brand. Communicate your unique voice with the images you post.

Some Image Specifics

  • A normal e-commerce image is 300 pixels wide. You could pin a good image no more than 85 x 85 pixels.
  • The utmost horizontal width of images is 554 pixels. Anything wider compared to which will be resized.
  • Pinterest doesn’t limit the vertical scale pictures, but you should. Make them no more than 5, 000 pixels — if someone needs to scroll down to view the whole thing, they aren’t likely to scroll completely back up to pin the or “like” it.
  • You are able to pin videos from YouTube and Vimeo. For those who have produced videos about your services and products, Pinterest users can watch them on the website.

SEO Factors

  • Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows search engines to get the website. Many boards are showing up in Google search engine results.
  • The title of your board to be used in your Pinterest URL. Use keywords both in your title as well as your description.
  • Most links on Pinterest are nofollows, but are a strong social factor in internet search engine algorithms.
  • More repins means more links to your internet site, which brings you more visitors. A repin keeps the initial source link.

This helpful infographic includes all of the this information along with figures about Pinterest referral traffic vs. other online communities:

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