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5 Amazing Applications to Save Social Media Overload

Do you really need a break from social networking overload?

Your pals and colleagues are constantly learning about something totally new, as well as it’s hard to keep up. The only method to stay connected was to waste time dealing with piles of social networking websites, blogs and news feeds.

This bittorrent of information and information is a big problem in every area of your life today. In order to be connected with the entire world around you, keeping across it all and obtaining an awareness is important.

Curation and effects of this data explosion is necessary in order to keep sanity.

Luckily, developers happen to be hard at the office creating some pretty cool social news apps that may help you to stop wasting time and to stay linked to what really matters.

Listed below are 5 cool apps to save you from what sometimes appears to be a social media overload.

Application #1: LikeHack

LikeHack is available now and it is an intuitive method of social news. This social news reader is made for people who value their time, and it includes more than a glorified RSS feed and also delivers some interesting advantages.

LikeHack is suitable for professional and those who need their news from many places and quickly. It really is designed for busy people since it saves and stores posts you’ve shared and liked on Facebook as well as Twitter and learns what exactly is most interesting to you.

What do I like about LikeHack?

  • Saves time by collecting every thing for you personally
  • Helps to make sure you only see fascinating content material
  • Allows you to read the news even without accessibility to the internet
  • Lets you only use one app with regard to multiple causes of content

Facebook is a busy place, which is easy to get overloaded and frustrated, particularly with friends publishing everything they find online. LikeHack is practical of all the information going through your feeds and may figure out what would be most interesting for you personally. While doing this, it is also capable of obtaining rid of the annoying filler articles that occupy space, which the BBC picked up on once they wrote.

“Likehack filters out the noise to get a digest of interesting stories depending on your typical sharing historical past.”

LikeHack provides a great choice of sources for news including Facebook and Twitter, but additionally many industry blogs, that is almost obligatory nowadays.

Even though it continues to be in the beta stage, Likehack really does deliver actually states. For social media specialists, entrepreneurs, and those who simply value their time, Likehack is something worth attempting.

Application #2: ChannelCaster

ChannelCaster is for individuals who need extra customization while still saving time by collecting from the variety of social sites. It is really useful since it implements popular categories like news, sports, and amusement.

The mobile app includes some benefits for those who are looking for something just a little different. ChannelCaster:

  • Enables you to crowd source your news feed to possess a personalized experience
  • Helps you to enjoy all sorts of multi-media available on social sites
  • Makes sure you are able to relax knowing that you are not being tracked through software program

Crowd sourcing is really handy in social networking. ChannelCaster allows every user to add content which enables you to to have access to articles which are interesting to more people. The app utilizes a “tier” system which helps reduce clutter and puts the most interesting content in a single place, which saves time and is easy to make use of.

ChannelCaster’s ambitious compiling of media makes it a bit complicated, the user interface might take some time to get used to, however it may be worth it over time. AndroidSpin. com recently wrote that in the beginning they were scared because it reminded them of the Windows seven phone tiles, but then it turned out to become a great app, which I have to accept.

Another benefit which is worth mentioning is privacy. We live in a new of online tracking and privacy invasion, but ChannelCaster chose to not use trackers, but simultaneously not providing simply standard boring content.

ChannelCaster offers some interesting options and when you are willing to take the time to be aware of interface, you can have a great multimedia experience.

Application #3: Flipboard

Odds are, you’ve heard of Flipboard. It’s the app where one can choose a own online magazine and fill it with news and press. This app features a very nice user interface that brings the same a sense of a magazine, but with only interesting articles with no filler. Flipboard is different by offering an app which is:

  • Familiar and easy to use having a magazine-like layout
  • Aesthetically pleasing which keeps you reading through
  • Entertaining for creative people because you’re able to style your personal magazine
  • Personalized by being in a position to share entire magazines you created with buddies

Flipboard also allows you to connect with as much as 12 social media sites, for example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or even 500px. They offer a tile that shows only the best stories and many interesting articles to save you time.

The founders of Flipboard, Paul McCue and Evan Doll, originally had the concept for their app to be on a desktop. This season they made the computer version available, saying

“Being able to take all that and take it to the desktop and return to our earliest roots is type of cool. ”

The app can be obtained on computers and mobile devices, and is accessed through a widget. No matter where you might be, you can use flipboard, this is a nice benefit to have that kind of flexibility and contains become something most people are moving to.

Flipboard is really a rewarding multimedia app which can keep you entertained while you create and share magazines; however that can also generally be a drawback. If you care about having your news and social news with little work or time, perhaps there are better apps for you personally. Flipboard is definitely more interactive than a number of other social news options, but if you have some like to really customize how you get the news, give Flipboard a go.

Application #4: My6sense

Based on the name, this app should make social news feel as if it’s part of you, and it does a very good job of that. My6sense would work well for those who mainly use Facebook and Twitter because it integrates very well with those services.

  • Enables you to quickly understand the interface
  • Enables you to save time by never having to leave the application for connecting on Facebook
  • Helps you not miss anything when you are able to stay connected in one place

They are great features plus they save time from constantly exiting and opening other applications.

Facebook and Twitter would be the most popular social networking sites and so My6sense has dedicated to optimizing the experience with these two sites. The rss feeds along with many other input options allow you to have the benefits of the app, though some might feel it really is lacking with no support for several other popular social sites. However, My6sense will do the good job of bridging Facebook and Twitter within a custom news gathering app.

My6sense the actual listing because it integrates perfectly with Facebook and Twitter. If you see something which interests you while reading the social news on the phone, you can simply share it effortlessly your friends upon Facebook without ever needing to leave the app. From experience, My6sense is just smart for your avid Twitter and Facebook user.

Application #5: Pulse News

Pulse News is really a super clean and smooth operating social news app. The application is extremely aesthetically pleasing, causing the late Steve Jobs to express, “It is a wonderful news reader” and has been recently acquired by LinkedIn.

Pulse News is doing nicely because it:

  • Allows you to save time by just reading summaries
  • Enables you to travel lighter because it can sync across all gadgets
  • Helps you to easily understand the user interface

Pulse News features a “dual-view” feature lets you go through a summary of the news article in case you just don’t have time to see the whole thing, or with a tap of the finger you can see the actual article on its original website. This is a legitimate great feature because the point of social news apps would be to save you time while you are staying knowledgeable.

With Pulse News all of your social news is within one place. The app also enables you to sync across all devices. The accessibility and time saving opportunities make Pulse News a great all-around social news reader for those who just requires a general news reading app.

You will probably find that it is too simple and feel that it really is incomplete, but if you want a simple interface having a collection of all your social networking, Pulse News wouldn’t be a bad strategy to use.

Wrapping it up

Social networking news apps have to strike a good balance between amount and quality of content, as well as less period and usability. Some apps are designed for serious less period while giving you excellent options for sharing, for example LikeHack, while others are designed for an innovative social experience for example FlipBoard.

These 5 Android apps ensure that you will love your experience while staying connected and spending time the proper way. Professionals and social networking users alike owe it to themselves to provide an app like this a try, and see actually may do for you.

What apps would you use?

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