Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Set A White Paper that doesn't Suck

Your White Papers really are a marketing asset that is designed to build trust and generate leads. Your web visitors present you with their contact details and return they receive valuable information. Someone is offering a relationship of trust, they are providing to you details about themselves and in return have an expectation: an excellent White Paper that informs. If you are not able to deliver, you are breaking the original bonds of trust, which may not be reparable harm to the potential relationship.

How To Set a White Paper That Doesn't Suck in an attempt to write a great White Paper you must have three bits of knowledge/skill:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Industry Information
  • Writing Skills

Skills #1: Product Knowledge

You've have got to know your product, at least enough to comprehend its’ use cases in various industries. You've have got to be able to tie your product returning to your White Paper topic and do it subtly close to the end of the white paper and (sometimes) within your opening paragraph.

Skills #2: Industry Knowledge

To be able to understand how your product is different from others available on the market you must have industry and competitive knowledge. There is just one thing worse to me from the marketing standpoint (the worst to come) than the usual White Paper where I could affect the vendor’s name with any kind of other vendor’s name and still possess a perfectly relevant White Paper.

Skills #3: Writing Abilities

There is nothing worse than a White Papers which was written by someone who lacks basic writing skills. Should you be unable to write, go have a class, every community college has basic writing courses that will help you get your skills right.

Your White Paper

Make sure which your White Paper doesn't suck and it can become a treasure trove of new leads for your business. If this isn't as much as snuff, it’ll break the bonds of trust before they’re actually formed together with your prospects.

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