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Social Media Tool Feature: Aspect Social for your Customer Support on Social Media

During your time on st. kitts is no doubt that social media is an efficient vehicle for a brand’s marketing activities, the final one year has seen it becoming a great customer support channel as well.

Lots of brands are realizing that on social networking, even an innocuous complaint can snowball right into a crisis. And this has cause them to allocate dedicated resources to address complaints and queries within the social world.

But this effects its own group of technological challenges. The digital space is filled with a lot data and so many conversations that it becomes difficult for any brand to find and address the query that is relevant and important to them.

Your customer care team will need a strong tool to mine and address the relevant queries amidst all of the random chatter on social media. However, you will find very few tools that are doing a good job only at that.

Aspect Social is one of these.

Created by Aspect, a worldwide leader in customer engagement solutions providing you with interaction management, workforce optimization and back-office solutions for the greatest brands in aviation, financial services, healthcare, production, telecommunications and retail, Aspect Unified IP’s social networking software is tuned to the needs from the contact center. It aims to make sure that customers receive consistent, informed responses to questions posed within the social space - thus enhancing response time, resolution rate and resulting in happier customers.

But will it really accomplish what it claims to? I had an in depth look at it and through this tool review, I am going to throw some light on how the tool functions and just how it can be needed to brands.

The User Interface

Since Aspect’s expertise stems from offline customer care, the dashboard of Aspect Social is modeled in the same manner.

It really is clear, concise and simple to navigate.

The tool is made for 4 key people in the customer care chain:

  • Agents
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Publisher

All 4 of them will vary dashboards that enable them to accomplish their tasks within an simple effortless manner.

The dashboard for Agents has three panes. One on the left has all of the queries and complaints assigned for them. The agents can navigate through all the complaints right here and click on the one they have to address.

The complaint then expands in to the middle pane where they can see the entire conversation thread of past conversations, if any. The actual agent can respond after this itself. This pane also links to some knowledge-base of answers for fast access to FAQs.

The right pane is among the most crucial element here. It includes all of the social profiles of the customer and entry to any communication in the past. These details helps the agent be aware of customer better.

The Supervisor dashboard is concentrated towards monitoring the performance of agents. The dashboard allows the actual Supervisor to navigate effortlessly with the performance summary of each agent in his/her team and study how efficient the agent is actually.

The supervisor can monitor the posts/responses by every agent towards the queries assigned to them. The supervisor may also check how efficient the agent in concern is by taking a look at his/her following stats:

  • Complaints closed hourly
  • Queries responded hourly
  • Flush Rate (No. of irrelevant articles deleted)
  • Average response period
  • Backlog of queries

To really make it more easier, the tool lets supervisors download charts for the metrics; thus helping them analyze within a better way.

When compared to dashboard for agents and supervisors, the Manager dashboard is actually macroscopic in nature. It provides the manager a clear picture of how the entire customer care team is functioning.

The interface helps to ensure profound results for the managers to view the current health from the support channel through appropriate color coding.

To become checked once a week or may be twice per month, this dashboard will keep the manager updated everywhere.

The publisher account possesses its own dashboard which can be used by both customer care along with the marketing team. Through this interface, broadcast messages could be shared on the brand’s social media profiles because of its community to see.

You are able to manage several accounts spread across several social networks here as well as measure the success of your published updates.

Differentiating Benefits

Query Filtering

Using Aspect Interpersonal, you are able to filter the web (Public data from social support systems like Facebook & Twitter, 3-rd party blogs and The rss feeds etc) queries based on several aspects. A high level bank and offer several services, it is simple to filter queries for each unique service. Similarly, it will avoid confusion; and on another, it will help you resolve the queries in the earliest.

You can also filter queries in line with the keywords used, the tags attached with it, the sentiment from the query, its priority along with the content (whether its a question or perhaps a complaint).

Intelligent Customer Support Queuing

Once a query from the specific consumer is assigned to an agent, all of the future queries from that consumer is automatically assigned towards the said agent. This is actually a masterstroke because the agent in concern already knows the customer and also the history.

Moreover, this makes sure that the voice responding to the consumer is definitely uniform.

Quicker Response Rate

A simpler access to knowledge-base helps the agents to respond towards the usual queries much quicker. The tool will also help agents with template responses for specific cases which get a a large number of queries regularly.

Customer Profiling

This really is hands-down the best feature of Aspect Social. If you have all the public details of your customer when you need it, you have all the ways to the actual customer happy.

And you don’t have to dig for this info. As soon as a question comes to the agent, the agent can view all of the social media profiles of the customer in concern. This can help the agent get a good idea concerning the customer and word his/her response accordingly; as well as personalizing it.

Conversation Data Source

Aspect Social stores all the conversation between a real estate agent and a customer which can be fetched any moment when required.

This feature allows agents to possess a look into the customer’s previous complaints and act accordingly; nevertheless real value comes up when the agent comes across a client who’s constantly facing the same issue for time. The conversation history, in this instance, will enable the agent to escalate the problem to a quicker redress of the persistent problem.

The tool also allows merging several conversations of the customer with several agents, thus giving every one of them a uniform view and better context to resolve the problem at hand.

Performance Checking

The tool allows supervisor to monitor the particular minutest of the details about the performance of the particular agent.

The supervisor can view the way the agent is responding, how quickly he/she will be able to resolve a complaint, what exactly is their average response rate etc.

This degree of performance monitoring will help the supervisor to indicate inefficient agents within the team and take necessary remedial actions.

The device will also help supervisors download this data by means of reports, which is an extra benefit!

Scope of Improvement

If only Aspect Social had an internal social networking functionality for effective communication between the associates. Resolving customer issues requires a lot of back and forth and I believe having such a functionality really can help them.

Also, a little feature of rewarding the agents for their performance inside the dashboard can help them stay motivated. Can be a star saying “Agent of The Month” within the agent’s dashboard?

Who Should Use Aspect Interpersonal?

Aspect is not really for everyone. If you hardly see a lot more than 10-20 queries and complaints a month, you should choose a different tool.

Aspect Social is intended purely for big brands with a big customer care team handling tons of queries and complaints each month. Following are some niches that can take advantage of Aspect Social:

  • Banks (A Should! )
  • Ecommerce (A Should! )
  • White Products
  • Telecom (A Must! )
  • ISPs as well as DTH companies (A Must! )
  • Mobile devices
  • Cars
  • Airlines
  • BPO

Wrapping Up…

In conclusion my review of Aspect Social, I would suggest brands to give it a spin. I realize it holding immense potential for brands who would like to seriously improve upon their current customer support on social networking channels.

As increasing numbers of people join the social networking bandwagon, your customer services woes will simply increase. It will be wise to possess the support of such an effective tool.

Author: Rakesh Kumar

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