Thursday, January 23, 2014

The 4 Fundamental of Social Media Engagement Metrics

Strictly measuring the amount of fans or followers does not guarantee an interesting successful social presence. Today, marketers measure engagement by checking the amount of actively engaged followers, instead of simply measuring population size. An actively engaged follower is somebody who engages with or mentions your branded content regularly. Actively engaged followers are critical to boosting your brand reach & trust on social support systems.

It’s important to keep in mind that engagement, unlike followers, can not be strictly measured by one number since various kinds of engagement hold different weight. Every business has unique goals particular towards the brand, industry and product or service set, creating unique value for every engagement metric.

Social Media Engagement Metrics #1: Comments

Most social support systems have standard commenting on nearly all kinds of content. Comments not only add unique user-generated content for your profile page, but in reality add your branded content towards the news feeds of users coupled to the follower who posted the comment. For that reason comments are great for keeping the brand page full of fresh content while increasing brand reach by more exposure within users’ feeds.

Social Media Engagement Metrics #2: Sharing

Nearly any content on social networks could be shared, whether it is a hyperlink, photo, video or comment. Sharing adds your brand content to some user’s page & news feed, that will increase brand reach & trust throughout the social networking.

Social Media Engagement Metrics #3: Mentions

Brand mentions are extremely important for measuring sentiment and trust. Tune within your brand mentions on social media simply by using a social listening tool to comprehend how users discuss your brand, and also to join the conversation when necessary.

Social Media Engagement Metrics #4: Real Reviews/Endorsement

Endorsements are one of the oldest features as well as still play a huge role in social networking. An over-all endorsement (Like, +1, etc) on the brand page has the probability of add your branded content into the user’s daily content prey on a regular basis. Endorsements as well as increasing brand reach, trust and authority since all endorsements are good in nature.

Each social networking has its own style and mechanism for each of those four most fundamental engagement metrics. Measuring & growing brand wedding on the chosen social networks will consistently turn social networking users into customers.

Analyze how your very best customers engage with your brand on social networks. Make use of this data to value each metric accordingly. This allows your team to accurately tie value with each engagement metric and measure your social internet marketing efforts in way that is relevant to the company goals.

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