Friday, January 10, 2014

What Do We Need to Know? When It Comes to Social Media for Business?

To put it simply, businesses need a social networking strategy like plants need water. Social media has turned into a fundamental component of our lives, which makes it succeeding in the an imperative element of any company’s business and marketing plan. Even though many companies still question the ROI of using social media being an effective marketing tactic, others are obtaining great benefits from this. Here’s the biggest launch of the century.

Tips #1: Social Media Provides

If you’re concerned with return on investment, a newly released survey revealed that 52% of marketers have found a client via Facebook, 36% of marketers have found a client via Twitter, and 43% of marketers have found a client via LinkedIn¹. However, it’s much less simple as just creating a page on these social networking platforms. Achieving such results requires the development of a definite social media presence, that involves great strategy, commitment and creativity.

Tips #2: You'll Want a Strategic Plan

In order to develop a highly effective social media strategy, it’s imperative that you think about a number of factors including your potential audience, the tool(s) in which you is going to be utilizing, along with your overall business and marketing goals. Most of these parameters will help determine the social media platforms which will be most effective, the type of content you need to post and much more.

Tips #3: Maintaining Your Strategy Requires Effort

If you don’t have an employee dedicated to social networking management, it can be rather challenging to maintain a very important social media presence. A successful social networking presence requires regularly posting content, engaging with followers and checking the landscape, which can be incredibly time consuming. Employing a social networking agency to help source and content, make posts on your behalf and relay important info can be a huge some budget saver.

Tips #4: Social Media Can Help Your Business

Social media can help your business achieve its business and marketing goals in a large number of ways.

Generate brand awareness: If used properly, social networking can help your business increase brand awareness. Certain content naturally produces higher amounts of engagement and increases social sharing, so posting these kinds of content heightens your exposure to individuals not currently on the list of friends and followers. The logic being as individuals like, share, re-tweet, or re-post your articles, it extends your company brand to some wider network.

Retain existing customers: Based on research from TARP Worldwide, it is 5 fold cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Social media will help companies better manage existing relationships and retain customers by giving opportunities for customer service and public relations efforts. Nothing is your company can do to prevent social networking users from commenting about a negative experience together with your company online. But, with a proper social networking monitoring strategy in place, you can quickly identify they, potentially mend a damaged relationship and preserve your company’s title and reputation.

Obtain new clients: As search engine algorithms evolve, they still consider an increasing number of factors when determining in case a site is useful to a particular search and when it deserves prime realty on the results page. Social networking can now significantly contribute to your company’s ranking on search engines like Google for key terms and phrases associated with your company. If algorithms detect a keyword-rich company description together with high amounts of positive social engagement and interaction, your ranking searching results could improve, boosting your company’s online visibility and providing opportunities to obtain new clients.

There are endless factors that help the success of a social media strategy, also it requires constant monitoring and fine-tuning to have truly meaningful results. However, it is necessary for businesses to understand and take advantage of social networking as an effective and absolutely necessary marketing tool.

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