Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Facts About Translation Even Smart People Make

Whenever you work in the translation industry, you come across many people with funny ideas as to what we do, and how we get it done. Unfortunately, translation isn't given the value it deserves as a people often look upon this a commodity; a commodity with little value too.

Many “smart” people I have met within the 10 years of working in translation do not understand the worth, complexity and worth of translation. This pertains to translation work itself, the efforts of translators and also the solutions offered by agencies.

Translation is really a serious business. Without it the entire world would stop - not literally, but consider business, politics, transport, sports, media, and so on that would all be affected if we did not have translation.

Listed below are 5 shocking statements I hear all too often that period to ignorance about translation and interpreters.

Facts #1: “If you speak another dialect, you could be a translator”

This is probably one of the most common statements I listen to businesses who do not wish to invest in professional English to Japanese translation. It is possibly the most serious from the lot.

Let’s understand this clear - speaking another language does not and can never qualify anybody to become a “translator”. It might help you be aware of meaning of something, say in French, but would you properly then translate that into your own language? Many people may be able to accurately translate texts but the majority will not. Why?

A translator should have an in-depth and academic understanding and knowledge of a minimum of two languages (a foreign language along with a native language). Their reading/writing skills must be superb both in.

Translating is really a proper skill. You don’t just turn into a translator; you study for it, you practice and you also develop your skills to ensure you understand the intricacies of translation. It’s not just about turning some words into another - it’s far more complex than that.

Language is not only words - it’s a country, a lady, a psyche and a culture. It’s filled with subtleties only a amply trained, experienced translator can grasp and work with when it comes to producing high quality translations.

Let me place it this way. If you wanted your site translated into Spanish, would you really provide the translation for your Aunt Paula’s neighbors son who worked in Benidorm for any summer? Believe me…many perform.

Facts #2: “Translation is simply easy”

In the real life, translators and agencies don’t press buttons to create magically accurate translations. In the real life, translators research their subjects, produce draft movement, agonies over vocabulary choices and have trouble with complex layouts. Translation is not easy; it may be, but on the whole translation takes time also it takes effort.

In fact, translation is really difficult I gave it up! Yes, I did so Turkish to English translations for 6 months before Choice the headaches were a bad sign. Needing to simultaneously focus on two different texts is mentally exhausting; you might be continuously flipping between two languages and two mind frames. Occasionally getting one sentence pitch-perfect may take up to an hour.

Translation will not be easy - it’s hard, technical work that needs some needs respect.

Facts #3: “You may use Google to translate”

For many people whenever you mention ‘translation’ they start to think or discuss machine translations or software. Google Translate for example is observed by some as their response to all translation needs. It’s free. It’s cheap. It is accurate.

No it isn't accurate. In case you believe this then you definitely don’t understand machine translation. No translation software can and actually can completely take the place of a runner translators. This is because computers don't realize what language is, how it really is used, the subtleties within it and the changing use of it. Computers might be able to translate simple one-dimensional sentences but they are never in a position to tackle the complexities within literature or technical text messaging.

Machine translations are becoming better and better but they are don't ever complete. If you want to be aware of gist of something within language, then fine, but everything else, don’t trust this.

Facts #4: “Professional translation is not necessary”

OK, it really is true that you don’t always require a “professional translator”. There are many good individuals who can translate superbly smaller have professional qualifications or accreditation. However, additionally, there are many good people out there who could fix your vehicle but does which means that you bypass the mechanic?

If you would like your translations to become accurate and professionally prepared then an experienced translator is vital. They be aware of language, the sector or specific topics, the terms, trying to deadlines, formatting, translation protocols and how better to interpret and present your translations.

So the next time you need a translation, think how important it really is to get it right. If it’s important - make use of a professional.

Facts #5: “Everyone speaks English right now, Really don't need a translation.”

In a nutshell, if you think this, you have not done much travelling abroad. Yes, a great number of speak English than they did two decades ago but to think that absolves anyone of getting to translate materials, presentations, websites, marketing duplicate, advertisements, contracts, etc is nonsense. Everyone does not speak English.

In case you are serious about going out into the world and conducting business of any kind, you will need translations. Talking with people within their language builds trust, betters relationships, opens doors for the business or brand. If you wish to sell to Turkey, Brazil or Russia - go get it done in English and let’s see how far you receive.

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