Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blogging: The Way of the Internet

Marketers are utilizing blogs more and more as a channel to acquire new clients, increase brand awareness and earn a number of other marketing returns. Yet, according to a newly released Social Media Marketing Report, sixty-two percent of comes from in order to know more about blogging as well as sixty-six percent intend on increasing blogging activities. In fact, blogging is the best channel that respondents in the social internet marketing report want to know more. This overlap of inexperience and increase in focus implies that marketers need to get up to date on blogging fast.

Blogging is Vital to B2B & B2C

While blogging is more vital that you B2B marketers, it remains the second most important social internet marketing channel for B2C marketers. Eleven percent of B2C marketing concentrate is used on blogging, which is a lot more than even Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus.

Along with longer and much more in-depth sales cycles on average, it is no real surprise that more effort is used on blogging in B2B marketing. While blogging ranks third in social internet marketing channel focus in the B2B, almost two times as much focus (19%) is spent on B2B blogging efforts when compared with B2C blogging. This really is still more focus than is spent on popular social support systems for example Twitter and Google Plus.

Blogging Increases with Advertising Encounter

There was an assured difference in blogging efforts between different amounts of marketing experience. Marketers with over five years of social networking experience blogged at a rate sixty-six percent greater than marketers with less than one year of experience. Of most marketing channels, blogging showed the greatest upward mobility with marketing experience.

Most Weblogs aren't Mobile-Friendly

Companies that blog do not have excuse to ignore mobile, considering just how much online traffic comes from mobile phones. Yet only twenty-eight percent from the respondents have blogs that are optimized for mobile phones. What’s possibly more scary is the fact that almost forty percent of the respondents were unsure how you can answer that question! Clearly social media marketers possess a long way to look when optimizing for mobile. Perhaps the reason being mobile has mostly been taken for granted since social networking content is of course optimized for mobile.

Internet Marketers are Outsourcing Article Marketing

Many marketers are outsourcing weblog content as article marketing is the second most outsourced task one of the survey respondents. Marketing leaders must make sure vendors understand the business, the actual right research and use consistency & dependability when developing blog content.

Running a blog has clearly become a fundamental portion of the digital marketing mix, so be prepared to see more blogging efforts arise as marketers be a little more experienced in the social media field.

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