Monday, May 19, 2014

Play with the Penguin: Effective Link Building Strategy

The most recent Google Penguin updates have greatly changed the hyperlink building game, making it an extremely different task with new rules and considerations.

Prior to the Google Penguin updates, marketers and SEO strategists could simply purchase links from dealers and also have those links escalate their organization’s ranking on SERP. Still this is no longer the situation.

The updates have made link building an infinitely more regulated process, including a new requirement for long-term success that we build links from Google-trusted domain names.

As mentioned by Jason Brooks, Citation-style links earn more credit with Search engines, but this involves citations from established sites that Google trusts; for obvious factors, it is hard to earn links from these kinds of sites.

What exactly are marketers and SEO specialists to perform to earn these links? Here are a few of my tips.

Tips #1: Newsjacking

In most cases, being first (or one of the first) towards the news is a great method to secure high Google SERP rankings. Easier in theory, thinking about the ever quickening news cycle, but being one of the main to comment on or blog concerning the latest news or current events places your pages higher within the Google search rankings.

Beyond being first to publish, you need to post high-quality, relevant commentary with that news item – and then retain it updated. Because timeliness could be so important towards the Google algorithms, the algorithm checks for both with each article.

For example, if you look for an ongoing event such as the “Olympic basketball games” on the search engines during Olympic, you will find information relevant to probably the most upcoming games first – and within those results, the newest news items (think game schedule, latest results, and gamer injury news).

The reason being Google makes the assumption, unless otherwise specified in you work search term, that you are thinking about the timeliest information for relevant item to today’s news period.

Maintain your content quick to publish and relevant. Speed may be the actual title of the game here.

Tips #2: Free Tools

Free tools that are appealing to the general public and that are relevant to your website are likely to be viewed favorably by Google. Once more, relevancy plays an important role – so allow it to be easy for the Google algorithm to link the relevancy of the free tool offering for your overall website.

The idea would be to attract links from websites and blogs that are highly relevant to yours.

For example, if you any mortgage information site, you might provide a free loan calculator that allows visitors to calculate which kind of mortgage is best for them based on income and former monetary commitments.

Tips #3: Study

Who doesn’t love learning more themself? Surveys have time, fun, and interesting – and best yet, they may be a terrific way to create and secure quality raw, original data which will provide your organization with new insight that may then generate original, newsworthy content material (links! ).

Being an added benefit, when people contribute to pursuit by participating in the survey, they have an elevated likelihood to track the progress of your research watching for the results, ultimately linking to you since the source of the information.

Tips #4: Crowd-sourcing Articles

Crowd-sourcing is a method of publishing new data and insight, citing the opinions and enter from others in the market.

This again takes a little bit of work upfront to research people you desire involved and secure their participation, however the work upfront will pay off in dividends.

The concept behind crowd-sourcing posts is you publish relevant, original content that provides value towards the public while securing buy-in from other industry experts. Since the other industry experts are involved, they will wish to publicize their involvement which makes them more likely to link to your site to your post off their own blogs, websites, and networking communities.

This post by Adam Cornell like drew in more than 2,000 social networking shares plus 100 legit back-links (via Majestic SEO stats) in just a month.

Importantly, while this is really a valuable marketing and link building strategy, overusing this plan will certainly backfire as it will overtake your blog to people’s opinions and expertise. Use it sparingly in order that it is a resource and addition to your blog and never the sole or main source of its content; you'll still need to be (and be viewed as) the expert.

Tips #5: Sponsor or Even Speak in a Event

Sponsoring an event or speaking in a event is a great way to gain visibility for the organization. Although this is not a direct backlink activity, it is still a great tool to include into your arsenal to supply diversity in strategic tactics. After all, backlink is not restricted to solely online activity; it occurs offline, as well.

In this instance, you will utilize the publicity that events typically provide for their sponsors and speakers which frequently include logos, mentions, and links through the event website and email promotions, not to mention social networking activity. This method will probably secure you traffic and links from your outside, reputable resource external from your site.

Tips #6: Distribute Ridiculously Resourceful Content Material

Even with the new algorithms, content continues to be key. Write detailed case studies, 101 lists, function exclusive interviews, and much more. Promote your content via social media networks and get in touch with others and ask for any link.

To enhance the effectiveness of this strategy, work to expand your network to include popular bloggers who will be willing to share your projects. Remember that to get impact and remain relevant, you have to be consistent – writing one great piece every 6 months isn't going to is not the best way to go here.

Tips #7: Guest Running a Blog

Guest blogging remains the easiest method to build legitimate, great ranking links. Still to gain the maximum impact, be sure to carefully study and review blogs before attempting to secure a guest post spot.

Overlook Google PageRank and make sure that any blogs that you will publish content are legitimate, provide content, as well as have a steady following of readers that are engaged.

To ensure that you obtain the best results possible from your efforts, take a look at Adam’s post on how to make blogger outreach meet your needs.

Bonus: I have a listing of web development-relevant sites that accept guest posts, what their recommendations are, and who to make contact with. Do make use of it if that’s actually looking with regard to.

To you!

Link building remains a science which involves creativity, research, and strategy – not forgetting flexibility to change tactics and stay on top from the ever evolving Google algorithms. Bring the above tactics for your link building strategy to become a market content leader with great search result rankings.

Possess any tips or insights I haven’t considered? Let me know.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Track a Wrong SEO Proposal

Optimizing your website for search engines, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a great way to your own business and there are a lot of great SEO agencies, companies and people that will help you do it right. Unfortunately, there are several SEO agencies out there that aren’t within the up or more. Sometimes shady “SEOs” can promise the moon, but make you with just the stinky cheese. Getting worked over with a bad SEO proposal can not only set you back some serious coin, but can get you struggling with Google, which can sink your business within the search results. Here are a few “activities” which should raise red flags, and prevent you from getting used. Keep these tips top of mind when considering hiring an SEO to help your own business.

Problem #1:

The unrequested email/ SEO proposal: You look at your email and the subject line reads, “I’ll help increase your biz.” So you bite and open it upward. It reads: “Hey XYZ Company, I am Larry and I work with Larry’s SEO Co. I noticed you aren’t within the front page of Google and I you can find yourself there fast. Additionally you aren’t on Google+, Twitter, etc. I could do this for only $10k per month. Also, I will get all of your keywords on page one the following 30 days. ”

A few reasons why this can be a really horrible proposal: It’s impossible to give any kind of quote on price, “guarantees” and every other deliverable with out a decently deep dive in to the current landscape. We’d be prepared to bet that ol’ Larry didn’t put in several hours work before sending you this bold SEO proposal. When the email sparked your interest, then reach searching Google and keep these next advice when thoughts.

Problem #2:

Whenever you get that SEO firm on the phone, maintain your ears tuned to any from the following phrases, because even though they can be carried out, it might not be in ways that’s in line with Google’s Quality Guidelines and up to day Panda and Penguin updates.

“We you can find yourself to page 1 in four weeks!” We usually don’t say something happens to become impossible, but there’s no way a company are able in order to ensure this and use white hat, Google approved techniques. They’ll usually sneakily dance their way around that “guarantee” opinion by saying they got some ultra long tail keyword on page 1. There are not too many people looking to get to page one for your keyword, “twenty ounce black tall and wide coffee cups, ” to allow them to semi-truthfully say this. Don’t be fooled at this time big promise, just pass.

“We can get you 100k backlinks in 1 month” While they could be able to actually get this done, backlinks are close to valueless and more than likely can get you penalized by Google. Don’t be enticed.

“Hey I discovered you don’t have a Google+ profile” This may be true and a Google+ profile is an excellent thing to get, but a shady SEO company might try to ask you for several hundred dollars to do what would take you a quarter-hour to do between checking your emails. We even made it nice easy with regard to you the following.

Problem #3:

You don’t enable you to get straight answers. If you’re paying someone to help SEO, you deserve an aligned answer. If certain questions a person ask get them to squirm, you know you need to look elsewhere for your own SEO needs. Listed below are particular questions you should ask:

“How will you get me these backlinks?” Issue question creates stammer, and drop some “ummms, ” it’s likely that they’re using some less than Google approved methods. When they use a vague response like, “our SEOs handle everything stuff, ” that should also set off some warning flags and you should pass on utilizing the company.

“Can you send me a listing of the links you obtain?” Much like needing to cite your sources within a school research paper, a stellar SEO company won’t have any kind of qualms about sending over the list of links they obtained. When they do send a list over, spend a couple of minutes to check over the links to ensure they aren’t spammy and inferior.

Such as the robot from Lost in Space, we’re here to maintain you from getting your business in danger! Keep these guidelines in mind and you can save your company energy and cash. We’ve got 8 SEO tips everyone ought to know to assist you succeed.

If you’ve received an unusual or shady SEO proposal, we’d love to learn about it in the comments!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Resource & Penalty Recovery Tools for Google

While writing my part of our recently published Complete Google Penalty Recovery Kit through the Penguin and Panda updates, I ran across lots of very useful information. I used several sites as resources within the guide but I didn't have room for them all and so i decided to put this one-stop-shop resource list together for everybody to benefit from. Take a look at record in this post to discover tools, resources, and insights into recovering your site traffic after a penalty.

Diagnosis the Problem

  • Wish to know when all the Panda updates occurred? Take a look at this infographic of all the Panda updates. Make use of this to correlate traffic drops on you site towards the specific update rollouts. Panda up-date infographic: google-panda-update-112805
  • This can be a great summary from the Google updates in 2013. The post also includes home elevators the ‘keyword not provided’ update.
  • Brick Marketing is constantly on the update this post using the latest updates of both Panda and Penguin.
  • Do you consider an update is happening right now? Take a look at Algoroo to see the turbulence in rankings. Once the bar is high…Google is updating.
  • More determining which Google update impacted my site.
  • Was this Penguin or Panda that affected your website? Maybe it was both. How you can determine which update affected your website.
  • Many webmasters assume the penalty was brought on by bad links. It could be the case but quite often the backlink portfolio has over optimized anchor text. If you want to diffuse your anchor text, check out this website for a quick tool to give you some great delete term variations.
  • You can also use EXCEL to assist you identify over optimized anchor text.
  • Google Analytics - Look at your traffic in Google Analytics to verify if a drop in traffics correlates to some Panda or Penguin rollout date. If this is a little muddy and you can’t make a clear determination, then you can certainly use among the following tools:
  • Panguin - This tool will help you to observe how Google’s recent algorithm updates have impacted your traffic. It’s simple to use but you must give the tool entry to your Google Analytics account to obtain the data.
  • Fruition - This really is another tool that may help you identify what update impacted your traffic. You are able to monitor 2 websites for free and you should also give access to your Google Analytics to obtain the data.
  • Start in the source and use Webmaster Tools. Many webmasters received the actual ‘unnatural’ links message within their Webmaster tools account. This is the easiest way to verify you have bad links in your profile. You are able to download a list of links from GWT. Please be aware that this list is only an example. You’ll need some other sources to compile a far more complete list.

Backlink Profile Tools

  • Open Site Explorer – This can be a great quality tool for finding backlinks as well as for general website analysis and SEO. The site offers a number of tools to help you transform your rankings. This can be a subscription-based service.
  • Majestic SEO – Also known as the actual tool for finding the highest amount of backlinks, Majestic also includes other tools to help together with your Internet Marketing. This can be a subscription-based service.
  • Link Research Tools – This website has a number of analysis tools with their link research resources. Their tool will rate the back links from healthy to toxic and provide you incremental values between.
  • Link Assistant – There exists a free and paid version of the software. You’ll need to download this for your computer. It will help you discover link partners and quality sites for back-links.
  • Want a quick method to determine your anchor text ratios to see if you might be over optimized for a particular search term. Try the Remoovem device:
  • – Make use of this site to do a quick analysis of your backlink profile. Just enter your URL and you’ll get a number of visuals that represent the back link profile. The original top line report is free but to use all of their tools you’ll need to pay for his or her services.
  • Use Screaming Frog to check on the status of link removals. You’ve done the outreach requesting link removal now you want to see the outcomes. Read this walk through approach use Screaming Frog to review your time and efforts.
  • So you’re on a limited budget and you possess been penalized. How about using only FREE tools to recuperate from Penguin.

Recovery Process

Case Studies

  • A penalty recovery example – Read how this agency helped a client pass though a Google penalty and the steps they took as you go along.

Post Recovery

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