Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Track a Wrong SEO Proposal

Optimizing your website for search engines, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a great way to your own business and there are a lot of great SEO agencies, companies and people that will help you do it right. Unfortunately, there are several SEO agencies out there that aren’t within the up or more. Sometimes shady “SEOs” can promise the moon, but make you with just the stinky cheese. Getting worked over with a bad SEO proposal can not only set you back some serious coin, but can get you struggling with Google, which can sink your business within the search results. Here are a few “activities” which should raise red flags, and prevent you from getting used. Keep these tips top of mind when considering hiring an SEO to help your own business.

Problem #1:

The unrequested email/ SEO proposal: You look at your email and the subject line reads, “I’ll help increase your biz.” So you bite and open it upward. It reads: “Hey XYZ Company, I am Larry and I work with Larry’s SEO Co. I noticed you aren’t within the front page of Google and I you can find yourself there fast. Additionally you aren’t on Google+, Twitter, etc. I could do this for only $10k per month. Also, I will get all of your keywords on page one the following 30 days. ”

A few reasons why this can be a really horrible proposal: It’s impossible to give any kind of quote on price, “guarantees” and every other deliverable with out a decently deep dive in to the current landscape. We’d be prepared to bet that ol’ Larry didn’t put in several hours work before sending you this bold SEO proposal. When the email sparked your interest, then reach searching Google and keep these next advice when thoughts.

Problem #2:

Whenever you get that SEO firm on the phone, maintain your ears tuned to any from the following phrases, because even though they can be carried out, it might not be in ways that’s in line with Google’s Quality Guidelines and up to day Panda and Penguin updates.

“We you can find yourself to page 1 in four weeks!” We usually don’t say something happens to become impossible, but there’s no way a company are able in order to ensure this and use white hat, Google approved techniques. They’ll usually sneakily dance their way around that “guarantee” opinion by saying they got some ultra long tail keyword on page 1. There are not too many people looking to get to page one for your keyword, “twenty ounce black tall and wide coffee cups, ” to allow them to semi-truthfully say this. Don’t be fooled at this time big promise, just pass.

“We can get you 100k backlinks in 1 month” While they could be able to actually get this done, backlinks are close to valueless and more than likely can get you penalized by Google. Don’t be enticed.

“Hey I discovered you don’t have a Google+ profile” This may be true and a Google+ profile is an excellent thing to get, but a shady SEO company might try to ask you for several hundred dollars to do what would take you a quarter-hour to do between checking your emails. We even made it nice easy with regard to you the following.

Problem #3:

You don’t enable you to get straight answers. If you’re paying someone to help SEO, you deserve an aligned answer. If certain questions a person ask get them to squirm, you know you need to look elsewhere for your own SEO needs. Listed below are particular questions you should ask:

“How will you get me these backlinks?” Issue question creates stammer, and drop some “ummms, ” it’s likely that they’re using some less than Google approved methods. When they use a vague response like, “our SEOs handle everything stuff, ” that should also set off some warning flags and you should pass on utilizing the company.

“Can you send me a listing of the links you obtain?” Much like needing to cite your sources within a school research paper, a stellar SEO company won’t have any kind of qualms about sending over the list of links they obtained. When they do send a list over, spend a couple of minutes to check over the links to ensure they aren’t spammy and inferior.

Such as the robot from Lost in Space, we’re here to maintain you from getting your business in danger! Keep these guidelines in mind and you can save your company energy and cash. We’ve got 8 SEO tips everyone ought to know to assist you succeed.

If you’ve received an unusual or shady SEO proposal, we’d love to learn about it in the comments!

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