Thursday, September 12, 2013

Content Marketing Game: The True Challenge

The era of content marketing is here now as companies understand the need to be located online, effectively communicate their message and engage using their target market(s).

However after content is generated, do you know how you can market it effectively to your audience? The truth is, for content generation to be effective, you will need people to see your content. If you create value for your target market, they are going to return the favor and without hesitation, spread the term.

Brands should position themselves as knowledgeable and professional sources. It’s about building trust and positioning your brand being an leader in the market, saying something unique/of value and sharing other relevant information (and not only your own).

For additional advice, take a look at 5 Tools to Help with Social networking Management.

The Content Marketing infographic below was developed by Fisher Vista for SocialEars.

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