Thursday, February 27, 2014

Content Marketing VS Content Strategy

A fascinating discussion has taken shape within the content marketing world, with many content folks starting to weigh in on the delineation between terms “content strategy” and “content marketing. ” Many may be tempted to say the distinction is pretty obvious - the very first is an overall plan and the second is a bit of that plan. But what makes this conversation compelling is the fact that so many individuals and companies fail to view the distinction and consequently miss for you to optimize their content efforts - those efforts that have them in touch with their current and potential customers and permit these to communicate their vision, values, purpose and offerings towards the wider world. Perhaps one of the most compelling great pay attention to this discussion (as Robert Rose at CMI pointed out recently in his article within the subject) is that content advertising content strategy require different skills sets. Simply because they require different skill sets, companies do themselves a disservice once they implement one thinking they’ve implemented both.

Facts #1: Content Advertising: Talking with Your Audience

Content marketing is about the person pieces of content you produce. A great content marketer creates compelling pieces - little masterpieces which are crafted to resonate having an audience and compel them toward some type of action, whether that’s reading another article, requesting a demo, liking you on Facebook, and so on Content marketing is really about creating pieces that ‘speak’ for an audience. These pieces might be pr campaigns, blog articles, eBooks, whitepapers, videos and even things like Tweets and status updates.

The great content marketer is a great storyteller. They communicate compelling messages in words, pictures or even video that deepen relationships having an audience.

Facts #2: Content Strategy: The Entire Picture

Where content marketing concentrates on audience engagement, content strategy focuses on placing content inside a larger framework and aligning overall content development with business objectives. If each content marketing piece were an area in a house, content strategy will be the blueprint to that house. In this manner, you don’t want to just start vomiting walls; you might end up with 5 bedrooms just to realize you lack your bathroom or electrical outlets - perhaps an overextended metaphor, however, you obtain the idea. Many agencies might offer ‘content strategy’ services, however in reality the actual deliver is content marketing services. The distinction is essential. Whether a company employs a company or consultants, it should look for specialists both in fields - both content marketer that crafts the messages and also the content strategist that provides a framework for anyone messages.

Facts #3: Why Care About this Differentiation

As marketers, many of us know, of course content advertising content strategy are intimately related. But how often great content marketing pieces really planned out and executed within the context of a bigger content strategy picture? Can we just publish our 3 compelling blogs a week not having thought about how they fit into a content framework - one which is repeatable and replicable? Who is accountable for painting that bigger picture? Good content creators aren't always good content strategists (though that’s not saying they can’t be) and it is ideal for companies to understand this when employing content professionals.

Facts #4: Putting the Challenge Pieces With each other

Content marketers tell compelling stories. Content material strategists place those stories within a larger context to align with business objectives, placing content marketing in a framework which makes sense. It’s like a puzzle; you only obtain the benefit of the full picture when you place the pieces together. And you’re only in a position to construct that puzzle because you know what the picture appears like that you’re working towards. If you’re trying to achieve a content marketing mission, get the most from your time and efforts by identifying a clear and comprehensive content strategy after which creating content marketing pieces to support that strategy.

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