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7 Powerful & Effective Ways to Market Your Business Blog

Over 392 million people worldwide view a lot more than 13.3 billion pages every month – and that’s just on WordPress-hosted blogs! The idea of publishing content in real-time to the web went from an obscure pastime in the late 1990’s towards the formidable force it is today. Content is definitely an incredibly effective way to drive ROI for the company’s marketing budget, but you won’t see very good results if you simply publish articles with no distribution or promotion plan in your mind. Business blog marketing is a critical part of a contemporary content marketing strategy, and we've detailed 7 the simplest way to see greater results here.

Just in case you’re wondering there’s definitely a difference between business blog advertising content distribution. Both are important, so when you leverage social media correctly to promote your articles, it’s one of many effective ways to draw focus on your blog. To learn more about it, take a look at Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Online traffic.

Strategy #1: Take Part in Your Industry

Set up goal of your blogging strategy would be to increase traffic and leads for your own personnel company, that shouldn't look like what you’re attempting to do. The best form of business blog marketing would be to become a portion of what Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes calls “the conversation within your industry.” Promote other bloggers, be the participant in digital communities, and network tirelessly. Winning the actual respect of others with digital influence may be the easiest and most effective way to increase your own thought leadership.

Strategy #2: Shoot for Word-of-Mouth

While the internet might have bulldozed the yellow pages and other offline directories, you must never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising other old-fashioned tactics for blog marketing. Add the URL for the blog to your custom business cards and company’s print materials, and be sure it’s within your email signature, too. Your current customer base along with other contacts are likely to be the best promoters of the content, so make sure that everyone you’re already using the services of understands you blog.

Strategy #3: Boost the Comfort

Your content marketing shouldn't seem like unoriginal, shiny brand-speak. Save the self-promotional language and refined presentation for the sales calls, and make sure that the tone of the content marketing is believable, relateable, and tangibly fascinating. This is often achieved by allowing your blog contributors to interact in personal branding and use their unique voice within your content. It can also be accomplished by having a stand every occasionally. Edward Khoo of Hongkiat believes that honesty, creativity, and also the occasional controversial post are brilliant business blog marketing techniques.

Strategy #4: Use Social Evidence

Building initial 1, 000 blog followers is tough work. Once you have achieved this remarkable milestone, make the most of the fruits of the effort. Lee Odden of TopRankBlog recommends using social proof for people who do buiness blog marketing to further create  your subscriber base once your following blossoms a little. Display your Feedburner badge, and don’t be shy regarding sharing the number of subscribers you've gained. It’s a hallmark of content and community.

Strategy #5: Follow-Up upon Describes

Every blogger needs a well-maintained group of Google news alerts for their own name, and also the name of their company’s blog. Adjust your settings to get all relevant mentions, check these alerts daily, and quickly react to any mention of your business in other content. If other bloggers see you’re grateful for your citation (and perhaps willing to share the article within a Tweet), the number of inbound links for your content will soar.

Strategy #6: Dive into E-mail

The mere mention of email marketing is sufficient to create many blogging purists shudder. Never fear – making a MailChimp account won’t turn you right into a spammer overnight. When used correctly, email marketing will help you convert your blog subscribers into customers, as well as your customers into blog subscribers. Send a monthly online newsletter to your lists, and focus on conveying value with the very best of your content advertising curated articles. Track metrics to learn how to enhance the efficacy of the business blog marketing effort.

To get more insight on metrics-driven email marketing, read 10 Metrics to Your Newsletter Content Success.

Strategy #7: Create Better Content Material

There’s a hard truth to all of the, which is that the business blog marketing efforts won’t work unless you’re producing stellar content. Adam Connell of CoxBlue utilizes what he calls the “TADUE” measure to find out whether each article he writes is worth publishing and promoting:

  • Timely
  • Useful
  • Detailed
  • Unique
  • Engaging

If you’re uncertain if the article passes any of these five critical measures, take time to edit until it hits most of these important criteria.

Have you built a company blog marketing strategy? Which measures have driven the very best results for your brand? Please share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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