Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 Important Blogging Tips from Experts

I had been recently fortunate enough to be invited to join several talented Singapore bloggers on vacation to Yojyakarta, Indonesia, flight and accommodations sponsored through AirAsia. Within our group there were food, travel, lifestyle, as well as a mega everything-in-one website owner.

Even though trip was pretty rush, there have been weird noises on the roof at nighttime, mysterious stains appearing in the lavatory and had to wake up at 5am for your departure flight, I’ve learnt a great deal from these marvelous bloggers when you are utterly shameless in asking them “how? ”. This particular group was hand-picked purely because of the amazing traffic statistics in Singapore, which includes blogs getting more than 10, 000 views per month. What exactly makes these blogs so successful? I’m here to talk about the goodies.

Tips #1: Photos (Always)

People are incredibly visual creatures, every body loves pictures to words. It’s no exaggeration which a few of the highest traffic lifestyle blogs achieved that status purely with channels of breathtaking pictures scatterd throughout. Every professional blogger had been along with some kind of DSLR and snapped away furiously, while here I had been fiddling with my iPhone 5. My savior however, is the fact that I’m pretty decent with post-editing photos. And indeed, all of the images here were taken with my glorious iPhone five iOS 6.

Tips #2: Have Good Content

Another critical factor to success, would be to write good content. Good stories, good sales duplicate, it’s about your writing ability that drives readership and therefore traffic. You don’t necessarily need to possess bombastic vocabulary, actually having simple, clear language can get you more traffic men and women actual comprehend what they’re reading.

Tips #3: Write What Individuals Want

Another content strategy used by among the bloggers, is to write precisely what people want. If people want to learn about Obama, jots down about Obama. If people want to learn about polka dot pink elephants, you better go discover it and write a damn good report onto it. Asking your readers what they are thinking about, or using basic Google keyword searches will reveal what you should talk about.

Tips #4: Become a Topic Expert

Another seemingly paradoxical tip, is to be a topic expert. Be the resident coffee know-it-all in case you fancy. After writing countless posts on java beans, the public will begin to recognize you as the ‘coffee king’. As being a topic expert however, still depends on understanding how many people are actually interested and searching your particular topic (which is back to write what individuals want). No point writing about ’1000 methods to peel a potato’ if no one else has got the same passion for spuds.

Tips #5: SEO

More users will read your site if they can actually find it first. You have to appear in Google searches with some type of SEO. Part of the great writing specific topics is that it also helps with search engine results by utilizing specific long search engine terms called ‘Long-tail keywords’. People are more prone to hit your website using these lengthy searches than the single word ‘coffee’ itself, that is a highly competitive keyword used by lots of others. Optimize your meta-descriptions, create  your backlink search juices and find out what keyword you need to be using which has high search volume, yet low competition. Google keyword research tool (I think Google is changing the keyword tool later on, just a heads up) will provide the solution with some learning from mistakes.

Tips #6: Blog Framework

Be reader friendly and easy to see friends. A simple, simple to navigate, yet rich in content blog is exactly what you want to go for. There exists a debate though, that the messier the web site, the longer readers stay inside because they attempt to navigate their way out of this maze. This is true if there is an excellent attractive gem hidden somewhere within your site (like Kim Kadarshian’s nudes or something), and visitors are absolutely compelled to discover it. If not, this can be a maze with exit doors at every turn and individuals can get out any time they need.

Tips #7: Jump Into Several Systems

The thing with social media could be that the winds of fashion can flip any moment. You never know what the next growing trend is and it is prudent towards your feet wet out of all upcoming platforms, like pinterest. com or even tumblr. com, both these styles which are not that big in Asia right now unlike Instagram. com for instance. Strategic bloggers have already registered their usernames in most platform and can jump in any time wind stokes the fireplace.

Tips #8: Join with Residential Bloggers

It is much easier to generate a following if you joined a current one first. A high level food blogger, be a part of food forum discussions like makansutra. com, an Oriental food blogging site. For me personally, my articles are presented onSingapore Business Review or business2community.com. Think about joining my. sg also, because they can hook you up with good quality sponsorship deals too provided you might have decent traffic. Find a blog directory and obtain yourself listed as well, and you may get readers faster than organic growth.

Tips #9: Setup the Best Domain Name from the Start

And lastly, my -personal- tip: register a professional website name right from the start. Before you even set a single word or place in any efforts in SEO, get proper domain web hosting. A good hosting site like bluehost. com will cost you around $4. 90 USD per month, a very affordable price even as a spare time activity. And when you are ready to move it professional, it’s going to save you lots of trouble with maintaining your site traffic. Traffic typically halves, the moment you change your website name, so lets save ourselves all the pain getting into it straight away. Oh, and don’t use wordpress. com : It’s simple to use, but not versatile enough if you wish to build a decent audience. Obtain a custom host + domain, and install wordpres.org instead.

by Seth Lui

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